Muffler Pipe Sound Systems

December 14, 2008



Have you ever wondered how seriously that guy in the little Japanese car listened to his after market muffler? Well, based upon this page of samples of various muffler configurations and posibilities I’m guessing that guy with the loud muffler growl didn’t just end up with that sound by mistake. He probably  picked that particular muffler sound design. There is a whole world of muffler pipe growls out there….Me, I went with the stainless steel Magnaflow. Purely for it’s tone. Well, actually it was the only stainless muffler they had in stock.



October 30, 2008

lala cloud

gathers sounds to stream

around folk

My Favorite Robot Sounds Like….

September 8, 2008

IceRobot dispenses ice.

She Sells Sea Sounds by the Sea Shore

July 16, 2008

Interesting site and sea organ sounds, also quite the landscape installation, in Croatia.

Licorice Wail-E or If a Patron Screams in the MovieTheater, “Fire, Fire in Those Damn Kids’ Brains” will anyone hear it?

July 11, 2008

The most interesting sounding Hollywood film that I have encountered in a while is the summer blockbuster, get out your popcorn and licorice, Wall-E. Minimal dialogue but loads of sound design, wonderful and dare I say, quixotic sound track, filling the space and your noggin’ with enough earcandy to remind you of all the silent films you haven’t seen and the Loony Tunes you listened to as a kid….

Hey, check this post out, ummm, by me, that relates once again to the world of Pipetop. I’m not trying to subliminally make you go gluten free or anything. I wouldn’t foist that upon any robot…