August 9, 2008

It was 1985 or ’86. Boston Ma. Swans at The Rat. Greed and Holy Money era. The show was so loud the leather bomber jacket I was wearing was actually moving, vibrating. Everyone moved away from the stage during the first song. M. Gira was singing in close relation to the speakers. You could easily feel waves of sound crushing into your flesh and there was a resonance of a weird sort with one’s chest cavity as though you could feel your esophagus vibrate…. ┬áThis show contributed to my tinnitus. Wicked loud in a small smoky basement space…

Fancy Noise Machine

July 3, 2008



May 1, 2008

Hey, here is my remix of Radiohead’s song Nude this is Pinkletink’s mix.

Have you heard about what they did?

They made available tracks or stems from their actual song Nude. Nude is on their latest release In Rainbows ( isn’t “rainbow” a particularly pretty word to read? I was struck by that when I had to fortune to spell it during Scrabulous. I have cliched associations with the optical phenomena but spelling it out really has changed my life around. You know I think Lepre….).

Right. So, we remixed their song: Sir. Pipetop provided a haunting, if a bit pixilated, uilleann bagpipe riff, the pinkletinks added a nice location recording of their friends out about the bog and cohort managed to edit it all together while -tinnitus- drank black coffee while givin’ the chicken-eye-of-attention to all, like an attentive producer is prone to do. You can vote on it if you go over to the Radiohead website that is hosting all the “official” remixes. Off with you now: