Freesound website and the 17 year cicada

June 12, 2008

In the northeast of the US a type of cicada that only appears and makes a BIG noise every 17 years can be heard. I found an interesting environmental recording of the 17 year cicada recorded in Ohio. It has a interesting oscillation to it. I wonder if this is a recording artifact or what the cicada chorus actually sounds like….Perhaps you know? Drop a comment. I hope to hear a live version and make a recording soon. 


The freesound website, where the sample exists, is really fascinating. I just discovered it the other day. Looks like I will be spending a lot of time exploring freesound…



June 9, 2008

white pine hot fog float

yellow arching gold finch flight

alight, pollen plume


June 9, 2008

clouds of white pine float

five needle green sprays,

solstice pollen drift