do you have any cents? how manure is it? has it developed from a view of the big picture, locating the full spectrum of loving life in the context appropriately? what in tarnation am I saying? art thow for where?

look. i don’t unfairly use nothin’ that isn’t out there widely, in critical bites and bits, ya see. if it is obscure i am shredding favorable light. i don’t have the time for big ‘ol negative highlights so don’t worry. that is not wise living. my HDTV monitor is for now. what? you don’t like what I said, that image isn’t yours to use, my context offends you? let me know, reality, that is not my intention. let’s be clear and we’ll make it write.

Public Domain image links to my source of finding.

nonsense, you want something, fine take it. you need something, fine you already have it. if you like, link back in payment, maybe right something. i will be grateful. if not, you’ll get yours….I have observed over the years my generational waste. mind is not mine. too much refined sugar kills. eat honey. beat it kid.

why don’t i go to the trouble of a creative commons dot point section this must not note attribution? exactly. for their professional class by their professional class. clown. good intentions. aaah, youth is wasted on the wrong people, said the rotund man on the porch with the evening newspaper.

PIPETOP is the business, pro-business, na it’s just a minor howl-of-life. always carry protection. glows in the dark. this is not a license to steel my stuff or anothers, because stainless…. is a memory with calcium signaling building up. right, copy -> r…. e v o l v e.


Congratulations. You have completed this survey’s fine print ! I’m curious if one of the following applies; if so please enter a comment and select a letter with which you identify . Thanks.
A. The above makes more sense than most legal documents I have entered into (credit cards, loans, penny candy purchases etc.)
B. The above makes less sense than most legal documents I have entered into.
C. I don’t like surveys
D. Copyright is serious you should wise up and pay the piper, repeatedly, then dispose of your computer and get back to the yellow pad and pencil
E. I can’t remember why I surfed over here and where I am going next



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