Why yes, I do keep bees. Been at it for more than a few years. Lots of fun. A fair amount of work that is messy, heavy and sweet. The mead making is a long process; it is undoubtedly fermenting beside me. And as you can see below, the Honeybee (Apis Mellifera) is hairier than me and my cat, but that is another blog altogether; now, this is not a blog about bees or beekeeper per say, though they may fly into the scene….

PIPETOP is, like…. I have started to bunch up some doings and place them somewhere proper, out from under the cape’s corner eve, off the basement floor, out of the rain and into the blipity light of the 010010001…. Here you will find many of my easily digitalized-audio-folk-ahrt -related stylings, personas, wonderings, observations, a serialblog, haikus & doings, or like the heading says: recordings and amus!ngs…


3 Responses to About

  1. cohort says:

    I draw the line at liver and I won’t eat any deeper into the bodily processing organs than that.

  2. webjones says:

    My grandfather kept a couple of beehives, but I never developed an interest in it when I had the opportunity to really learn something. More mechanically inclined, I helped keep the tractors running, built sheds and barns and coops and such. I did not inherit my father’s green thumb. Nice to visit your site – I very much like the idea of haiku entries and might borrow that from you, though my site is pretty narrowly focused.


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