A Podcast that Drones

July 31, 2008

Sounds promising, check out a new podcast all about drones and such, via WFMU…


Stimulating Crap

July 14, 2008

So what did you, US comrade, funnel your stimulus check towards? Your gas tank? Your oil burner? Your new pellet stove (how do they power the machines that cut down and process the trees into pellets? Rabbits doc, rabbits).

Well, I came to my senses and forwarded a bit of my check toward WFMU’s truly fabulous stuff from the WFMU Crapola Central. Go take a look at the shirt designs. Serious time and dedication is so evident it makes me want to….

And, their is a lunch box, a true masterwork of weird radio station promotion? You will have to visit their site to uncover that beauty.

But, my favorite thing ordered and promptly received has to be the astonishing Folkways tribute package in 7″ vinyl form of the brilliant and beautiful Anthology of American Folk Music; it has a bunch of records with various radio exhibits and a scaled booklet and real hair, OK, the hair may have fallen from my head…. I mean, I really have to put the unpacking of my turntables and hi-fi towards the top of my list of things to do (after deck prism installation, wiring and quarter spiral stair finishing).

Anyway, consider sending some of your cash to WFMU, their crap is gorgeous and useful! (Hey, I’m not an employee or anything, either, just a distant listener and hopefully a humble stimulator and decider of some sort).

The Most Unwanted Music, not…. really?

June 20, 2008

Ok, well I enjoy and seek out this stuff. The shtick surrounding it is clever too. I only found out about this recently surfing WFMU’s blog. It’s scientifically proven.

Now, unfortunately this song does sort of promulgate the bigotry toward the wide world of bagpipes, when what they are really demonstrating is that the Great Highland bagpipes are what at the very least many people find, at best, hard to take, which I attribute to people not hearing the pipes in the ideal environment for which they were designed, which is of course in the great outdoors, perhaps a rolling hill, glen or aside a bonny brook…

PS The song above is long, like 25min. long…