May 21, 2009

swooping hawk
banks under trees, black
bird shadows



August 14, 2008

young hawk sits

on chicken coop net

not preying

Fifteen Minutes of Animal Accounting

August 7, 2008

Upon awaking today while getting dressed and making a cup of coffee, for whatever reason, I noticed that one of the chickens was in the yard, that the cat was under the fleece throw, the dog was still in her bed, a native bee was gathering nectar at the rose of sharon, a cat bird was flying to the holly bush, an ant was crawling on the counter, a honey bee was inspecting the same rose bush, a bird darted across the field, a small white moth fluttered over the front field, another bird darted over the street, a cat bird was crying and finally at the fifteen minute mark a wren chittered loudly outside the north window.


July 18, 2008

The other morning

I spied a stout form in the

squat birdbath,

by the lavender

that the native bumbles adore

– a toad waiting, as a

honeybee just flew into the


TurtleMagic Revealed

May 23, 2008