Sweet and Sweat Memories

July 9, 2008

I was writing another post on another blog o’ mine and found myself Pipetoping so I thought I would link you over….

Weird to consider the amount of sound and fury that took place in a space then to become a parking lot. As a nightclub in the summer the Channel could be so very hot and humid; I can remember seeing condesation on the steel ceiling of the joint (and it was a joint…). Considering that the entire fort point area is landfill in the second place is furthermore interesting; I still love that area, the funky buildings, the incredibly contaminated water way, the massive USP oceanliner of a building across the way and the skyline…


June 19, 2008

celtics victory

amphibious duck machines –

seventeen plowshares


June 19, 2008

rolling victory

amphibious war machines –

seventeen celtics

Celtic Math_wabi-sabi:2

June 18, 2008

Add ‘Em Up. Divide By Number Of Numbers. Round To Nearest Natural = 17 Celtic Championships!


June 17, 2008

late spring prediction

beat l.a. beat l.a.: now

tonight champions

boston seaside bridge detail_wabi-sabi:1

June 16, 2008


June 12, 2008

summertime basket

memory ball rolls around

laker celtic ring