Funky Fightin’ Berimbau Sample

October 2, 2008

A berimbau is a one stringed musical bow instrument outta Brazil with the metal string often made from the inside liner of a truck tire, it has an accompanying caxixi, a shaker; it is modulated by placing the gourd against the stomach and removing it. It sounds both organic and outerspacey…

Over at the Freesound site there are a number of great berimbau samples, this one is especially good and played by Capaeira Mestre Calango. Very funky.

Oh, and are you familiar with capaeira? Brazilian martial dance fighting….the berimbau is central in accompanying the dances/capaeira. The relationship of the berimbau to capaeira reminds me of the relationship highland bagpipes has to martial troop maneuvering…


My Favorite Robot Sounds Like….

September 8, 2008

IceRobot dispenses ice.

Who Let The Dogs Out_giftcard remix:1

June 19, 2008