September 9, 2008

sox ticket

in hand but body

in sick bed


A Massachusetts Red Sox in Darth Vader’s Court

June 7, 2008

Recently, driving in Connecticut, with out-of-state plates, I was singled out of a crowd of local cars, asked for my license by the trooper, which was renewed days before as it was to expire on my birthdate, which happended to be this day.

I was issued a “speeding” ticket and was told to have a good day.

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May 19, 2008

In Boston Massachusetts there is a professional baseball team by the name of the Red Sox. They have a nation of fans that they regularly brainwash with a Neil Diamond song, Sweet Caroline (revealed to have been inspired by a Massachusetts based political family member by the same name….).

Here for your examination is a particularly foggedelic instance of this brainwashing, captured by Pinkletink_07, unfolding after a 2 hour plus April ’08 rain delay, against the the New York Yankees at Fenway park. The Red Sox went on to win this close game. No one at this game, aside from Manny, remembers this sing-a-long happening as captured here.