August 14, 2008

counting up




Celtic Math_wabi-sabi:2

June 18, 2008

Add ‘Em Up. Divide By Number Of Numbers. Round To Nearest Natural = 17 Celtic Championships!

Counting Herring at the top of a fish ladder

May 9, 2008

Fish Ladder at the Wapping Dam Herring Fish Ladder at the Wapping Dam Herring Fish Ladder at the Wapping Dam

It is a 10 minute shift. You stare into the water focusing on the somewhat white board at the bottom of the top of the ladder. Don’t look away. Don’t wave at the passing vehicle on the one-at-a-time bridge to your left. Focus. Watch for a herring. Count. How many herring will cross the board. How many herring can make it up the ladder and be caught by your counting eyes. You are but one person of a volunteer pool of 50 or so people showing up at the ladder for a 10 minute shift. The herring use to swim up this small stream to lay their eggs before swimming back to the ocean. Herring population in the freshwater ways are nearly depleted in these parts. 10 minutes. Focus. Listen. Observe and document in the log.

Hey! Did you notice that the three images at the top of this post look different even though they are the same ? Optical/human perception illusion with the repetition and the white space. Did you see any herring? How would you know?