The Most Unwanted Music, not…. really?

June 20, 2008

Ok, well I enjoy and seek out this stuff. The shtick surrounding it is clever too. I only found out about this recently surfing WFMU’s blog. It’s scientifically proven.

Now, unfortunately this song does sort of promulgate the bigotry toward the wide world of bagpipes, when what they are really demonstrating is that the Great Highland bagpipes are what at the very least many people find, at best, hard to take, which I attribute to people not hearing the pipes in the ideal environment for which they were designed, which is of course in the great outdoors, perhaps a rolling hill, glen or aside a bonny brook…

PS The song above is long, like 25min. long…

DJ Spooky at the ICA, Boston MA.

May 6, 2008

This was snapped at his “talk” last winter, which consisted of a lot of sound examples and some interesting visuals. He flashed this one up in talking about what he is not about… Mr. Miller can talk. I like his ideas….Hey, I just remembered that he gave out a CD to everyone who went to the show. I’ll have to dig up a sample of it and post it soon.