An Ice Creamery for Bees

August 23, 2008

I snapped this a few weeks back. The echinacea, also known as the coneflower, was The nectar font of choice for the bees and butterflies. Frequently there would be three or four bees on one flower. Buzzing and humming even on close approach. Occasionally they would bump into each other when rotating around the flower.

Pictured is a native bee (top) and a non-native honeybee. Amazingly this plant still has flowers on it today but its nectary has seemingly dried up as there is very little insect action on the plant.

Humans use this member of the daisy family to help with a lot of cold-like symptoms…

These perennials are great to plant in an area where you can easily observe the action. Easy to care for and at least the “Giant Coneflower” lasts July through August.



July 21, 2008

I had cut this piece of 1/4″ plywood and heard a strange choir sound, I thought it was just the circular saw singing but sure enough I turned the ply over and there they were, The Renovation Angel Choir.

Post Barbie Mall Mash

June 29, 2008

At the town transfer station, where residents bring their garbage and treasures for others, these offerings really stood out. Pinkletink_03 snapped this, I particularly appreciate the bracelet worn by the starlet.

That piano back had an amazing array of metal and string on the other side; I regret not picking up and out the doll and the piano’s guts. Can’t you hear their glorious ragtime bump?

Celtic Math_wabi-sabi:2

June 18, 2008

Add ‘Em Up. Divide By Number Of Numbers. Round To Nearest Natural = 17 Celtic Championships!