A Podcast that Drones

July 31, 2008

Sounds promising, check out a new podcast all about drones and such, via WFMU…


Wire, the band, will be touring in support of a new release

July 27, 2008

August 30: Offset festival, Hainaut Forest Country Park, London, UK
Sept 08: The Scala, London, UK
Sept 09: Met University , Leeds, UK
Sept 10: Rescue Rooms, Nottingham, UK
Sept 11: The Arches, Glasgow, UK
Sept 12: Academy 3, Manchester, UK
Sept 19: Melkweg , Amsterdam, Netherlands
Sept 20: Minnemeers , Gent, Belgium
Sept 21: ZXZW festival, Tilburg, Netherlands
Sept 22: Botanique, Brussels, Belgium
Oct 05: Le National, Montreal, Canada
Oct 06: Barrymore’s, Ottawa, Canada
Oct 07: Lee’s Palace, Toronto, Canada
Oct 08: Middle East Downstairs, Cambridge, MA, USA
Oct 10: Johnny Brenda’s, Philadelphia, PA, USA
Oct 11: 9:30 Club, Washington DC, USA
Oct 12: Variety Playhouse, Atlanta, GA, USA
Oct 15: The Fillmore, San Francisco, CA, USA
Oct 16: The Commodore Ballroom, Vancouver, BC, Canada
Oct 17: First Avenue, Minneapolis, MN, USA
Oct 18: Metro, Chicago, IL, USA

Hey check the free download. Timeless stuff, not certain if all four are on this, I think Gilbert is sitting out or something…

Stimulating Crap

July 14, 2008

So what did you, US comrade, funnel your stimulus check towards? Your gas tank? Your oil burner? Your new pellet stove (how do they power the machines that cut down and process the trees into pellets? Rabbits doc, rabbits).

Well, I came to my senses and forwarded a bit of my check toward WFMU’s truly fabulous stuff from the WFMU Crapola Central. Go take a look at the shirt designs. Serious time and dedication is so evident it makes me want to….

And, their is a lunch box, a true masterwork of weird radio station promotion? You will have to visit their site to uncover that beauty.

But, my favorite thing ordered and promptly received has to be the astonishing Folkways tribute package in 7″ vinyl form of the brilliant and beautiful Anthology of American Folk Music; it has a bunch of records with various radio exhibits and a scaled booklet and real hair, OK, the hair may have fallen from my head…. I mean, I really have to put the unpacking of my turntables and hi-fi towards the top of my list of things to do (after deck prism installation, wiring and quarter spiral stair finishing).

Anyway, consider sending some of your cash to WFMU, their crap is gorgeous and useful! (Hey, I’m not an employee or anything, either, just a distant listener and hopefully a humble stimulator and decider of some sort).

ANNOUNCEMENT: Mourning Serial Now a Separate Blog

July 12, 2008

Right, so henceforward go to mourningserial.wordpress.com if you want to keep up with the at least weekly serial, buddy.

It is a more appropriate design, though I still need to tweak it to make it more readable…

Fancy Noise Machine

July 3, 2008


Brain Jingles

June 26, 2008

Academic heights, stroke, brain bleeds, memory erasure, motherly rehab that worked wonders, advocacy, oneness, schitzophrenia, meditation, brain banks and stained glass. Sounds like a couple of Hollywood movies which it probably will be, which leads my left brain into a panic but my right brain tells me it’ll be fine whatever….But first a commercial from Dr. Taylor.

This is the real life experience of Dr. Jill Taylor. Check out an amazing interview/subject with T. Gross.

This is one of the most impressive interviews and subjects I have ever heard, and I have listened to a lot…


June 21, 2008

“Well. So….what was that?” wondered Cocoa aloud, the sun marking stark shadows across the deck. Uncle Ank, off in the distance playing catch with the dog in between his pruning of the apple trees.

I fiddled with the cart, making sure that it had re-cued. It was a rather long recording for a cart, clocking in at about six minutes. “Hearing that was a disorienting blast from my past,” I offered as an answer wondering how old the recording had to have been.

“So, do you know this RockRock person? And what does the photo have to do with this….” asked Cocoa.

“Well, sort of, ” interrupting so as not to get sucked down the rabbit hole of the photo “Ya see, back in the day I worked a few non-commercial stations; in New York, Boston and Middle America. This guy sounds pretty familiar but the degredation of the tape is muckin’ with my memory, it’s throwing me off a bit. It could have been a very good friend of mine using an alias. And the tape warble is weird, too….Ya know, the whole alias alternate name thing that is the norm these days with so many folk in the online world was pretty much confined to terrestrial broadcast radio back then. Of course way back to the dawn of broadcast radio there were stage names and ghost writers but with radio, the first mass electronic media, fake names or alias were really something different. The alive quality, the live broadcast nature of the medium coupled with the intimacy of the audio-in-the-ear of the listener really shifted persona-frontin’ to a whole new realm….”

“Mr. Radio Historia-Phila-Dr.-Ya-Know, could you just answer the question! Who is this guy?” huffed Cocoa, her shades hanging low on her nose, eyes and super long lashes blinking expectantly and tiredly.

“Oh, yah. Right. I’m not sure….”

“Blaaaah! Ok. So, do you have any idea….Wait check that question. How about, will you be able to figure out who and what and why this recording was dropped here? I mean it was literally airmailed. And was that an Eno track followed by Firesign?”

“What? Well, maybe. I’m sorry but I kinda spaced out there. Hey could you cover up so we can really give it another listen,” I said as I reminded myself to focus on the musical content a bit more, as I pushed the forward arrow, wondering how I was going to explain all of this.